Our Mission - Your Freedom

To become the leader in Portable Peritoneal Dialysis Systems that will empower ESRD patients, while reducing treatment costs.

Our Product

A portable automatic system that reduces significantly the burden of installing and performing the current Peritoneal Dialysis, procedures used in the market today.

liberDi’s solution overcomes the main existing procedure’s known challenges:

  • Fluid leaks in the groin or around the catheter when dialysis starts
  • Infection of the exit site and of the abdomen itself
  • Ability to perform the procedure.

These challenges are the main causes for patient hesitance when electing to perform the Peritoneal Dialysis today.

liberDi’s technology is the game changer everyone is looking for, that will bring quality of life to people requiring dialysis and in the same time offer a significant cost reduction for all stake holders.

Our Technology

The portable Automatic Peritoneal Dialysis System presents solutions to the main, known challenges of the current procedure, as mentioned below:

Unique catheter technology

  • Allowing for bedside, quick and safe catheter installation.
  • Mitigates today known leaks around the catheter when dialysis starts.

Small and Portable – Advance Dialysis Machine and Consumable

  • Small in size.
  • Light weight.
  • Safe and Simple to operate.
  • Active infection prevention.

liberDi’s portable Automatic Peritoneal Dialysis System Allows more patients to take an active role in performing their own dialysis, alleviating todays’ constrains of psychological and physical capacity required in order to perform the daily peritoneal dialysis duties using systems available nowadays.

Our Team

Founder of liberDi.

More than 20 yrs of experience in International Business, R&D, and Ops

Hezkiah Tsoory


Founder. 10 years of experience of consulting and accompanying biotech start-ups.

Dr. Aviram Zailer


Founder. 25 years of experience in

Hi Tech and Industrial companies.

Ron Lefeber

Commercial Development

Founder. 14 years of experience in Business Development, Entrepreneurship and International operations.

Gilad Einy

Business Development

Founder. 16 years of experience in R&D. Senior engineering and Project management in the industry and Israeli Intelligence Corps.

Aviv Antebi


Founder. 20 years of experience in Industrial design, Medical device development & project management.

Alon Razgour

Industrial Design
Medical Advisory Board

Over 20 years’ experience as Specialist in Nephrology and Hypertension.Head, Department of Nephrology and Hypertension, Carmel Medical Center.Vice-President, the Israeli Society of Nephrology and Hypertension.Chairman, Nephrology Technologies Committee, Clalit Health System.

Victor Frajewicki, MD

Medical Advisor

Specialist in Nephrology and Internal Medicine.20 years’ experience, in the nephrology field.Head of Dialysis Unit Carmel Medical Center-Haifa, Israel

Daniel Kushnir, MD

Medical Advisor
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